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Doubtful Sound

Do you like the idea of escaping reality and delving into a relatively unknown wilderness every time you go to work?

How does the idea of living and working in the heart of Fiordland sound to you? Working in a place like Doubtful Sound is not for everyone. Making your way across Lake Manapouri and over the Wilmot Pass is an adventure in itself and this would be your daily, or weekly commute.

Making your way into Doubtful Sound is like stepping into a different world. Very few people get to see this part of our amazing backyard and even fewer get the opportunity to live here! If you're one of the lucky ones that get to call Doubtful home, you will be working either on our day, or overnight vessels.

Our people. Our places. Doubtful Sound, New Zealand.

Whether it be during your lunch break, if you are on the overnight vessel, or after the day cruises are finished, there's plenty to do and see around Deep Cove and the wider reaches of Doubtful Sound. 

A few roles in Doubtful Sound:
  • To be a member of the Overnight Crew you will be someone who isn’t afraid of hard work! You will be a multi-talented, energiser bunny who can do everything from service a room to guide a kayak trip
  • If you are someone who isn’t afraid of public speaking and has a passion for teaching people about their surroundings from history to the native flora and fauna, then the role of Nature Guide on the day or overnight cruises may be for you

Whether you are into exploring the untouched rain forest or diving down into the depths of the fiord to discover the unique marine environment, there is something for every adventurer in Doubtful Sound.

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