Career Vs Experience

Whether you're looking for an experience or a career Real Journeys has a role for everyone! 


The continual high performance of our staff allows us to continue to be one of the leading tourism operators in New Zealand.

It doesn’t matter if it's your first few weeks working with Real Journeys or whether you've been with us for twenty years. Everyone wants to be happy in their job and feel like they're contributing. This is one of the key reasons for developing our qualification framework. Over the course of the coming years we will continue to develop new and exciting qualifications which will be designed in response to employee feedback. This will enable our employees to stretch their thinking in the way they perform their roles.

Real Journeys is a growing company and there are new internal opportunities being developed every year within Real Journeys, Cardrona Alpine Resort, The International Antarctic Centre and Go Orange

Career Pathways

  Year One Year Two

In Development

Maritime New Zealand Certificate in Domestic Maritime Crewing (Level 2)

National Certificate in Maritime – On-Board Passenger Services


New Zealand Certificate in Domestic Maritime Crewing (Level 3) - Masters Assistant

Engineering Apprenticeship options available    

Certificate in Tourism with strands in Visitor Experience or i-SITE Visitor Centre Information


National Certificate in Passenger Service with strands in Coach Driver



Front of House – Food and Beverage


Qualifications in development


Back of House

Chef Apprenticeship options available

Guiding     New Zealand Certificate in Outdoor Leadership
JBA is for the high performers, self improvers and go getters. It's one of our performance development tools which is available online. JBA is a learning platform for employees looking to develop their skills. There are 36 courses available, starting with a Self Discovery Survey to help recommend courses you should start with.  
Capable NZ Leadership Workshops
Every 90 days we provide an opportunity for one-day leadership workshops in Queenstown and Te Anau. Some of the topics have included Lean Thinking, Creating Remarkable Customer Service and Business Transformation and Change Management.


Many of our existing staff tell us the best things about their jobs are the people they work with and the locations in which they work. The chance to work in a national park or the adventure capital of New Zealand create great life experiences that will never be forgotten.
From our most recent Employee Survey we have seen a large increase in many areas.
Our highest rated questions were the following;
  • I feel I am working for a successful organisation
  • I am proud to work for this organisation
  • The organisation has a clear vision of where it’s going and how it’s going to get there
  • I believe in what this organisation is trying to accomplish
  • I know how my work contributes to the success of the organisation
No matter whether you are with Real Journeys for a career or an experience, we make sure that recognition is at the heart of what we do.

As well as on the job recognition we hold a Thank You event annually. The last three years this has been a ‘Night of Recognition’. These nights have included showing ‘A Day in the Life’ movies made by the different operations within Real Journeys.