Diversity Works Awards Finalists 2016

Every year Diversity Works New Zealand acknowledge and reward the organisations championing diversity in the workplace. 

Diversity creates a more productive, creative and dynamic society and improves our ability to see and connect with the world around us.

Diversity Works New Zealand supports, advises and inspires organisations on their journey to better business outcomes through diversity and inclusion. 

The awards include:

Tomorrows Workforce
Celebrating innovative responses to a changing workforce. 

Cultural Celebration 
Celebrating innovative responses to cultural and ethnic engagement in the workforce. 

Recognising innovative responses to empowering woman in the workplace. 

Skills Highway
Celebrating organisations which develop initiatives to assist employees with literacy and numeracy. 

Positive Inclusion
Celebrating the innovative responses to exclusivity of the LGBTQI community in the workplace. 

Celebrating innovative responses to employment opportunities for differently abled people.

Work Life Balance 
Acknowledging organisations that work is part of a rich and challenging life.

Walk the Talk
Celebrating leaders who exemplify excellence in managing a diverse workforce. 

Emerging Diversity and Inclusion 
Recognising a milestone achievement by an organisation which has just begun its diversity and inclusion journey.