Get On Your Bike

Each location endeavored to embark on a 580km journey, the distance between each of the Real Journeys Visitors Centres. With random spot prizes up for grabs we got some great progress photos along the way. 

You’re at your best when you’re happy and healthy! This is why we are taking an active approach to promoting healthy lifestyle habits within Real Journeys.

Over the last couple of months we have had people from all over Real Journeys getting on the bikes placed in each of our 5 locations in an attempt to cycle 580km around the Real Journeys Visitors Centres, with Manapouri starting the loop again!

Prizes were given out for the best progress photos and the longest distance cycled by an individual in each location. 

The three teams that completed the 580km loop not only received $1 per kilometre for every km they biked to be donated to a charity of their choice, but the company also purchased a bike to go into each of the operations for their permanent use.

The final tally for 'On Your Bike' for each location:

Location Distance travelled
Manapouri  898 kms
Stewart Island / Bluff 635.3 kms
Queenstown  626 kms
Milford 541 kms
Te Anau  508.1 kms